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The light in your eyes
Be the darkness demise
Your smile I seek
For without it I'm weak
Your hug, your embrace
I'll never find a better place
The moments of your tears
The most paramount of my fears
You were all I could ask for, I wish I could have been the same.
That, I failed, for mere mortality and imperfection to blame.
You deserved so much more, someone better, a god among men.
I hope you find them, I hope your happiness remains then.
My apologies that I couldn't have met your needs.
The loss that I feel pains, my heart, it bleeds.
Yet I find comfort knowing that you seek who you deserve.
May your journey be quick, your path direct, never swerve.
I accept my hurt so that your smile may stay.
Every tear of my own, a more than adequate pay.
A dream you were among a sea of nightmares.
You are missed, You were special, You were all of my cares.

I wish you the best.
While looking back through my many notebooks, I found this page dog-eared. It was written about 3 years ago after a breakup. (I know, cliched.)
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November 27, 2011
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